High School Of The Dead (H.O.T.D) FanFiction

High School Of The Dead (H.O.T.D) FanFiction

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E. Aliesa Rupine By AliKatGray Updated Aug 13


Takashi's P.O.V:

I was up late the night before the world as I knew it came crashing down...

Rei, Hisashi and I ran across the roof of our school, heading towards the observatory. We fought THEM off as we ran.

We were almost to the stairs that led up to the observatory and to our safety.

I smashed the head of three of THEM with my bat and ran up the stairs, turning around to help Hisashi who was cradling his arm to him--he'd been bitten by one of THEM earlier when he'd tried to help Rei. 

Rei stopped halfway up the stairs and turned around to deal with one of THEM.

She stabbed him in the chest with a make-shift weapon from one of the cleaning tools the janitors used.

I turned around and yelled at her,"You idiot!"

She turned to me,"But--"

She was cut off when the thing she'd stabbed started moving again and grabbed the metal pole stilll stuck in his chest.

"Wha--" He pulled it away from her and used it to slam her against the wall.

She winced, sliding down the wall...

FemmePony FemmePony Jun 20
Takashi = Mori-sempai =Ouran Highschool Host Club = ( ˘ ³˘)❤
flake__ flake__ Feb 28
When I saw takashi it reminded me of this Japanese show takashis castle!!
Lol I see Noctis Lucis Caelum on the front cover at the top 😂😱💟💕
Pearlbrain Pearlbrain Nov 29
I could only watch it to episode 13 and read 7 Mangas.I couldn't find more
Jack3410 Jack3410 Aug 23
HOPTD is basically like the walking dead except with more boobs 😂
this is the best re-creation of my favorite anime that I've seen in such a long time!! I give it an A+ !!