Scarred (HTTYD fanfic)

Scarred (HTTYD fanfic)

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AwesomeDragonTamer By AwesomeDragonTamer Updated Jun 03, 2015

After HTTYD a movie 1

Stoick laid the body of his unconscious son onto the boat as Gobber and the other teens huddled around his bed. "Setting sail for Berk!" A Viking called out. Stoick could only nod.

The teens were silent as Astrid stood and went to the deck. "Need some fresh air..." She murmured. Dragons flew high overhead as they were freed from the Red Death's horrible grasp. Toothless was sitting on the deck, staring at the massive fallen body of the queen dragon on the island as it slowly grew smaller.

"What is it, boy?" She asked. He only snarled.

Astrid looked into the distance, and just before the fog shielded the island from her view, she saw bony, skeletal figures emerging from the depth of the cave.

Terrified, she ran to Fishlegs, the expert. After hearing her explanation, he nodded thoughtfully.

"I can only think of one kind of dragon that fits this category." He replied in a grim tone. "From the Mystery class, a sight to behold... A Boneknapper."

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