Cat Fur✗Black feathers (Urushihara x Neko!reader)

Cat Fur✗Black feathers (Urushihara x Neko!reader)

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(ON HIATUS) By spirianimelover Updated Jun 30

(Y/n)-Chan is from ente isle and came cause the church but why she isn't really known and has no side in war cause she doesn't live in heaven or hell but what's the secrets behind this kitty. But will the idiotic things that happen be first to get in the way....:3

I know I am going to slight oc reader but anything you like and your name will be there don't worry you will still in the story. Also probably some OOC for Urushihara so yea...

The characters belong funimation
The fanfic Belongs to author-Chan
And you belong to Urushihara

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Cellantry Cellantry Jun 02
Happy llama ,sad llama, mentally desturbed, llama super ,llama drama llama big fat mama llama ... llama llama llama who is big llama starting all this drama ..its me bitch
I'm pretty sure they had to bleach their eyes after seeing those pics
supersayin221 supersayin221 Oct 27, 2015
Happy llama sad llama mentally disturbed llama super llama drama llama big fat mama llama
Miki_Hyako Miki_Hyako Sep 02, 2015
who said meow at the end!? cus.....I thought maou said it! X3
xNobody_Specialx xNobody_Specialx Feb 19, 2015
Waiiiit. Meh ish confuzzled. So is this for "my" sake. Or do I get Sake out of this? I would prefer the latter though.