The Badass Nerd

The Badass Nerd

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Cayenne Rose By Cay_Luhs Completed

{BOOK 1 in the Opposites Attract trilogy}

As a teenager, growing up without your father is very difficult and heart breaking. For Lia Hamilton every day she doesn't see her dad, her heart breaks a bit more.

Will a boy, with a huge ego, sow up her shattered heart? Or will she have to continue to live her life in sorrow?

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KoryLarusch KoryLarusch Jun 24
alexander hamilton. my name is alexander hamilton. and theres a million things i haven't done. but just you wait
LinnyKinsKya LinnyKinsKya Apr 14, 2016
" girls still fall at his feet" uhm..... I'm sure that's exactly what she just dd when she bumped into him..... XD
Qveen_chaos Qveen_chaos Sep 25, 2016
Where is the green apples you eat cuz the ones I'll be getting are all the sour
Fangirl4LYF1865 Fangirl4LYF1865 Dec 11, 2015
I don't think I ever related to a character this much!!!!!
                              The only difference is that I have green eyes and don't go to the gym always! And, ya know my mom is not a slut.
InAshtonsDimples InAshtonsDimples Nov 26, 2015
People are excited over Doctor Who I'm over here like LOUIS TOMLINSON!!!
BreakfestIsthisWay BreakfestIsthisWay Sep 20, 2015
The book sounds good but wasn't the books description a little too dramatic. " Assumptions will KÎLL you," not even a assumptions make an aśs out of you and me, no it's assumptions will KÎLL, KÎLL! Geez don't write them off just yet.