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Pray The Gay Away | Kellic (boyxboy)

Pray The Gay Away | Kellic (boyxboy)

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kellic enthusiast By ReleaseTheBarakat Updated Sep 28, 2016

Kellin had always hidden the fact that he likes boys from his parents, and for good reason.

 After accidentally being outed in the worse possible way, he is sent to a religious, all boys boarding school where they truly believe God, himself is going to scare Kellin straight again. Of course it's a great idea to be sending him to an ALL BOYS boarding school that is just full of sinners like him; including a troubled, uncooperative and all around rebellious boy, who may just make this whole "punishment" seem like a reward...

- - Sep 06, 2016
Why do I think of the unnamed man as Oli sykes? Like I imagined Oli having sex with Kellin.
skyduckyo skyduckyo Sep 27, 2016
Did you delete the next chapter?? I was trying to comment and it wouldn't let me,,,, I'm so pumped for koli tho
hotdog6969696969 hotdog6969696969 Feb 22, 2016
Everyone stole my comment below.... Idc, still gonna do it tho.
                              LOOK AT THE FLICK OF DA WRIST.
krazykoolkitty214 krazykoolkitty214 Mar 05, 2016
Partners in crime Motherfucker
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Your-Moms-Comin Your-Moms-Comin Feb 07, 2016
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domestics domestics Sep 27, 2016
*insert ladies voice from that video of the mom who walks in on her son fûcking a dude* OH MY GOD YOURE A FUDGE BAGGER YOURE GOING TO HÈLL NAH HAHA IM JUST FUCKIN WITH YA