Bad Boy Gang Leader

Bad Boy Gang Leader

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oreocookie101 By oreocookie101 Updated Jul 19, 2016

Sapphire is a good girl, good grades, good reputation, she is the 'nerd' in school as people call her. She has only one true best friend and she has been by her side through Sapphire's tough times with her abusive father, mother and brother. She is a werewolf part of the Crescent Moon pack. But the catch is.. She doesn't know she is a werewolf. She is the most special wolf in history. She is the only Golden Wolf that's left. Will she be safe? Will she survive?  
Will she accept Justin as her mate? 
Will she protect herself?

Justin O'Connor is the 'bad boy' in school. Breaks hearts left and right. And is a werewolf in the Golden Moon pack. And is also in a gang with Jake, Max, Connor, and Jackson. Can he protect Sapphire? Will he tell Sapphire they're mates? Will he fight for Sapphire? Find out in The Bad Boy Gang Leader. 

All chapters are my ideas :)

-Sammmy -Sammmy 4 days ago
Terrible ending .. Did I waist my time? You have a great concept of the story, just write it better and dont make your main characters stupid asf 😢. Just constructive criticism.