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Princesses and Football Players

Princesses and Football Players

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Meet the girls at Rogerson's Dance Camp. They all are rich, goody-goody girls that have never broken one rule and don't plan on it anytime soon. They all go to private schools and are on the fast track to becoming lawyers and doctors and neurosurgeons. They're not the ugliest girls, either.  Meet the boys at Langlade School District Football Camp. They are middle-class people who could care less about the rules and breaking them. The biggest chance they've got at a good career is the people who are overachievers, the ones who work too hard, and, of course, the people that play sports. They're not the ugliest boys, either.  So what will happen when Ms. Rodgers insists that to jog with the girls, they need to learn some manners, so Coach McDonald suggests that they partner dance? What happens when Ms. Rodgers agrees, sets up the partners, and assigns them a specific dance that they will have to perform at the end of the summer? Will Aubrey, the goodiest of the goodies, and Landon, the biggest jerk and flirt of the football players, be able to dance together or will they decide to keep their distance? What happens when Aubrey might think she's falling in love with him? And what if Landon loves her too?

blarney2001 blarney2001 Aug 24, 2016
Two miles is easy. Last night at cross country practice we ran 3. That was our easy day...
ParisWheeler ParisWheeler Nov 05, 2016
Damn Ms. Rogerson 😂 it's 20 degrees cooler in this shade haha
ParisWheeler ParisWheeler Nov 05, 2016
Twirling baton, we do the same stuff, running miles except we have five hours on weekdays, eight on weekends and 12 hour days during summer :'D
1dfigureskating 1dfigureskating Mar 04, 2016
Oh my god old spice, honey go out and buy yourself Chanel cologne
bandnerd2001 bandnerd2001 Jan 22, 2016
Everyone is raising their hands and I'm over here in class talking while the teacher is talking
desireerigs_16 desireerigs_16 Jan 21, 2016
😂😂😂 "Hot? I'm a girl. Not a temperature." That's hilarious!!