The Gentleman Project

The Gentleman Project

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In which a girl and a boy reconnect through a bunch of fake dates and car rides together.

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Tell it like it is, and we shall follow all your commands. I will definitely like this story. 👍👌😄😃
elysiani elysiani Dec 23, 2016
*casually sprinkles holy water at the people in the comments* y'all need Jesus
nicole_unicorns12 nicole_unicorns12 Jul 24, 2016
Hell yea ! Let em know wassup . Its real life . They should expect someone picture perfect . There isnt anyone that doesnt have flaws . We all have different taste & if they simply dont like it well dont read it . No one is putting a gun to their head making them read the story .
Suas histórias são boas para treinar inglês KKKKKK 
                              Brasil ♡♡
Princheskaa Princheskaa Jan 08
Is this already a second book or nah? Please answer me I badly want to read this ! =(
AllyAlly_18 AllyAlly_18 Oct 09, 2016
I feel like this is boutta be me getting butthurt about little ish.