Je T'aime, Angleterre

Je T'aime, Angleterre

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France And England By ThatOneRandomOtaku Completed

France has been in love with England ever since they were children. Now, at the world meeting during Valentine's Day, he's planning to make him his. 

Human Names Used

I don't own Hetalia. If I did, FrUK would be completely canon.

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kaden127 kaden127 Mar 27, 2017
Anyone look at the cast? Notice the OHSHC reference? Totally relevant in this situation.
Felicianoxoxvargas Felicianoxoxvargas Jul 03, 2017
Adieu mean until we are with God. That's why they said it in Romeo and Juliet
MiniCookiesCraft MiniCookiesCraft Nov 17, 2017
XD same Francis, I walked into class one day (I tell my teacher hello in French everyday) and I was going to say amie (friend) but ended up saying amour and then quickly fixing it XD
LevyIsDaddyAsf LevyIsDaddyAsf Apr 01, 2017
They where talking about their.... Special.... Places.... If you know what I mean... 
ImADarkPoem ImADarkPoem Nov 14, 2016
He lol am I the only one who thought of "Athena" when "The Tower of Liberty" was mentioned?? You know (pjo) Dam Gods...
killmeplzandthanku killmeplzandthanku Nov 06, 2016
Let slip zeee touge u say
                              *takes picture * * sends to japan*