BTS Got Married ~V's Edition~

BTS Got Married ~V's Edition~

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PuddingLord By PuddingLord Updated Jul 28, 2015

-°-°-°-BTS POV-°-°-°-

Ding Dong....

Jin: Jimin, go get it.

Jimin: You get it, Hyung.

Jin: Aish! I'm cooking over here! We have a kid who's been whining for food right now! *glance at V*

V: Ehe~ :3 *smiles with aegyo*

Jin: =="

Jimin: Fine. I'll get it. *opens the door* HYUUNGGG!!!!

Jin: What is it?

Jimin: WGM!!! We Got Married mailbox is here!!!

Rapmon: Wgm?

Jungkook & JHope: What's with the noise Hyung/Jimin?

Suga: zzzzzzz

Jin: Let me see that *opens the mailbox*

Rapmon: And let the leader read it.

Jin: --"

Rapmon: Ahem..!! Congratulations! You're choosen to be the male groom of the virtual marrige, We Got Married Global Edition.

Jimin: What does Global Edition means?

Jin: Quiet now. Okay, continue.

Rapmon: Okay. You will meet your wife 2 days from now. And for the note, your wife is NOT korean. Either if it's from Taiwan or Japan, you can't know just yet.

Jimin: Ohhhh!! It means that!!!

Jin: Jimin. --" Rapmon, continue again.

Rapmon: The name of the groom is in t...

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We already talked about this,you cannot break the fourth wall!
JackieR013 JackieR013 Mar 24
Interviewer: (in Japanese) V, what's your favorite food?
                              V: Thank you
PurpleDiamond18 PurpleDiamond18 Apr 13, 2017
Awww I was hoping that Eric would comment at the end like in another fanfic I read😦
ko0kieday ko0kieday Nov 22, 2017
Idk why but I feel so proud when they said "BANGTAN BOYS " 🙌😭
kookie_bunnii kookie_bunnii Aug 26, 2017
Now that's rude. I never heard any camera men talking like that.
CeciliaHood96 CeciliaHood96 Aug 16, 2017