Purple wolf

Purple wolf

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BrookeCurren By BrookeCurren Updated Dec 13, 2015

18 year old Kathryn Rose is a werewolf, but not just any kind a rare kind. No one not even her parents know. Her wolf has a purple and white coat with a white diamond shape on her forehead and is about 8ft tall EVEN TALLER THAN A ALPHA!!!!!!!! And has some secret powers you will find out later. She has white as snow hair and her skin the same. She has curves and muscles in the right place and her eyes are a nice violet with silver specks.

She is the runt of the pack but is still one of the tallest girls in the whole school at 6ft 2inches. Every one thinks she is weak so when her mate is the alpha he rejects her. She can't take the pain so she runs away. 

Join Kathryn on her amazing, drama and love filled adventure

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_staryeyed_ _staryeyed_ Oct 29, 2017
I feel short next to my friend who's 5' 10", I'm 5' 8.5". Can't imagine what it's like to stand next to her
Why does it matter that she doesn't look like them and why do the others in her pack all have brown hair and chestnut eyes
tangorider1 tangorider1 Aug 14, 2017
I bet her mate is the alpha and she'll get rejected and come bck for revenge?or she'll stay then ppl will come for her and blah blah blah idk
scomiche_forever1121 scomiche_forever1121 Oct 24, 2017
Hi, sorry I haven't updated this book. I lost my password to this account, so I had to create another account. I have the book on my new account.