Don't Lose Sight of Me

Don't Lose Sight of Me

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"When I looked in the mirror I couldn't even  recognize myself. All thats left of myself isn't me at all. It's just a body." 

Book 3) I don't regret any of my actions. I do wish timed stopped. I wish some moments you could pause and some you could fast foreword. I wish I could pause the moments were everything was once normal and I was happy with Steve. I wish I could fast foreword the times that I was in unimaginable pain. I wish I found out earlier. I wish I found it faster. But I don't regret how I got here, or why. I don't regret bringing my world to a stop. 

Steve and Anna (now Rogers) have a surprise of their own,  and so does HYDRA. Everything was on the right path for a while for the newlyweds until that sunny day. Now whats left will never be the same. How could it? Not only does Steve lose Anna, Anna loses herself. Ultron arises and in the midst of the mess there comes a shimmer of hope for Anna and Steve. 

I don't own any of the Marvel characters, or some of the Marvel universe ideas.

1st book- Remember Me
2nd book- Don't Forget Me

Cover By: _spoiledbrat

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Rustic_Skullduggery Rustic_Skullduggery Jul 29, 2016
Andrew Garfield is and forever will be the best spiderman he looks exactly like spiderman should! The new one it okay but Andrew is a lot better!
supercap1d supercap1d Sep 28, 2016
Sitting in biology rn and my teacher keeps talking about the hydra plant ..and of course my marvel brain kicks in
Supernatural211 Supernatural211 Jun 10, 2015
Its Slovakia, js... Amazing trilogy so far!!! Hope there will be another book after this one tho!
-allthelights- -allthelights- May 13, 2015
I know something the avengers don't!! I feel special . 
                              Wow this this is sad
milkystars milkystars May 11, 2015
omg I read Guardians of the Galaxy and I was like screaming "MARVEL YASS"