Vampire Ninja (Naruto yaoi Story)

Vampire Ninja (Naruto yaoi Story)

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Panda_Kyo By Panda_Kyo Updated Oct 22, 2016

"Gah why are their so many pesky people here" my friend Lukus says...he doesn't realize he's one himeself.... I should introduce myself my name is Akase Mikoro I'm a vampire. No crosses,garlic and holy water don't work.....where did you people even come up with that shit.

"Hey Akase those girls are looking at you ya think I got a chance"

"No Lukus you don't because I'm leaving" I say.....what I didn't realize was a truck heading towards me....SHIT THIS IS GONNA HURT


●□● ●□● ●□● •○••○○

"Gah I knew that would hurt now I'm gonna need to e..........a.....t....WHERE AM I." I look around to see animated tree and everything........

"I'm think I got hit to hard" I raise my hand to my face to check if there's blood but see that it looks smaller

"Damn let's see.....animated.......small hand......wait.......SQUEAKY VOICE.......yup I'm around 6 in human years and I'm in an anime.. thought this only happened in fanfics" I get up and start to look around but notice some leaves mo...

The_Bloody_Actor The_Bloody_Actor Oct 22, 2016
Holy Person: "The Bible."
                              Meh: "The Bibel."
                              Holy Person: "YOU DARE QUESTION THE WORDS OF A HOLY SPIRIT!!!!!!!!!"
                              Meh: "...Yesh...?"
thtcritqueguy thtcritqueguy Feb 15, 2016
I'm surprised I came across diabolical lovers fanfic, does it involve season 2 ( it got a new season)
Anime_cupcake_fan Anime_cupcake_fan Dec 21, 2015
Is it bad that i would totally date subaru ?? even tho he doesn't like or talk to anyone much ?
Blueangel50 Blueangel50 Apr 22, 2015
I just love this and I just love you for making this. I am just so excited I can barely stay still. I love to concept a vampire in naruto. I can hardly wait to know what happens next!!!!!
punylulu55 punylulu55 Apr 22, 2015
Yessssssss you updated I love you so much and I love the story