Mafia love

Mafia love

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"Daddy I'll be fine on my own."

"I know, but still here is some money, the keys to house in Kelowna and call me, if you need anything."

"I will dad"

After a week of convincing my dad, that i can live on my own, he finally said "Yes" and that made me so happy. But oh, I should probably tell you who I am first. My mane is Cheneika Campbell or should I say Cheneika Smith. I am seventeen years old and I live in Kelowna, which is in Canada. I use to live in New York with my father, he is the boss of a Mafia gang, he is well known and feared by many, but there's a slight problem; no one knows what he looks like, if he has a family or not. I know what you're thinking why people are afraid of someone, they never seen. Well they only know his name and his ammo when he kills, which isn't as often as you think. And when he does business, he sends other people to do it, sometimes he goes and do it himself, but pose as one of the gang member. My dad is a nice person, but sometimes he can be unre...

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