Her Biker ; His Dancer

Her Biker ; His Dancer

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" Xavier what the hell is
going on? " Rayanne asked me as she walked out of the shower into the bedroom. 

" Another hit on the club
shit's really taking off we need to get to the club house I want everyone on
lock down. " I said as I quickly grabbed my guns from the house. 

This retaliation was more
than a simple retaliation it was a stab at me and my family alone with my crew.
I wasn't okay with any of this and I was about to show my ass to prove to
everyone who they were really messing with. 

" Xavier I can't do this
all the time! I have a life. I have deadlines I have a job and school ! " she
said as she stood in the door way of the bathroom staring at me . 

" Rayanne don't argue with
me just do what I say! " I snapped at her she was pushing it and I wasn't in
the mood . 

" I'm pregnant . " 

I stopped dead in my
tracks did I just hear what I thought ? Did she just say she was pregnant ?
With my kids ? Really ? 

" What ? How ? " I asked
as I put the bag of guns and bullets on the bed. 

" Are you really asking me
how? Try all the sex we have . " She said as she gave a half smile. 

I couldn't help but laugh. As excited as I am how the hell was I to raise a kid in this life? I never thought I'd meet a girl or even get her pregnant . Fuck me this just made life complicated.

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