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I'll Fight back ( A Brendon Urie Fanfiction

I'll Fight back ( A Brendon Urie Fanfiction

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Kira By KiwiKittenn Completed

I called Brendon from the motel room phone.
"Brendon? I need you here now come the the motel down the street from the coffee place ill be waiting." I said sobbing
"Babe are you okay? I'll be there in like five minutes." 
"That's impossible this is LA on a Friday night." 
"Wanna bet? I'll be there" he said and hung up. I decided to see who my rapist was so I turned on the lights. I automatically knew who he was.

I ran out to find Brendon pulling up in his car I jumped in and told him to drive.
"Drive me home you go spend the rest of your night with the guys ill tell you what happened when you get back."
"Are you sure?" 
"Okay" he said and drove me home I ran inside and automatically sobbed on the couch.
I can't believe I lost my virginity to a rapist.
*2 hours later* 
I heard the door open and close I was sitting in the kitchen with my cookies and I saw a drunk Brendon stumbling in.
"Hey babe" I said walking over to him and trying to kiss him but he pulled away.
"Hey! I have a girlfriend!" 
"Oh you do? Well I'm so sorry I didn't know! What's your girlfriends name?" I said playing along to him being drunk
"Her name is Alex! And I love her very much!"
"Oh you do?"
"Yes! And I'm planning on proposing to her next week!" He said
"You are?" I asked smiling with tears in my eyes.
"Yup!" He said smiling. I hugged him crying.
"Im sure shes gonna say yes" I mumbled into his ear.
"I hope she does" he said "now I'm gonna sleep on the couch you sleep in the bed." 
"Why don't you come sleep in the bed with me?"
"Okay" He said
"Great!" I said and dragged him to the bed room. I threw him on the bed and cuddled up next to him. I closed my eyes and let sleep take over me

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                              Sry this song came into ma head... sry bros
dimps42100 dimps42100 Jun 18
How can you take the G note just playing at random times!!???
kara_779 kara_779 Aug 16, 2016
Of course he's cute he has on his glasses (I'm not saying he's not cute without glasses)
Br1Dny Br1Dny Nov 05, 2016
Imagine in real life if people introduced themselves in a casual conversation with their first and last name