Chill Out, Sir

Chill Out, Sir

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When 17-year-old Danielle Brooks is caught for underground fighting, she didn't know what to expect. Having left an abusive household and school at the age of 15, Danielle was left to fend for herself. 

Now back in high school to finish her senior year, what she really did not expect is to see a certain someone by the name of Matt Roberts, the grumpy guy who had fought with her just before she was caught. 

To top it off, he's her English teacher.

Danielle is certainly not prepared for what is to come, especially when a piece from her abusive past has come back to get her...

(First of all, I wrote this is 2011 when I was only 13 and this story plot was the hype in Wattpad. I admit this story is extremely cringy at times but I still feel hurt seeing some placing this under "Trash" or something like that considering I had taken so much time and effort to complete this for those who did appreciate this.)

  • fighting
  • forbidden
  • high
  • highschool
  • love
  • relationship
  • romance
  • school
  • student
  • teacher
  • teacherxstudent
EPGC2014 EPGC2014 Aug 26, 2016
Fair play for writing your story at young age, wish I could do that
paisley12 paisley12 Mar 15, 2013
Hey, there is this author called @cupidkoi , if you check out her books, you'll know she made a book called 'p.s I love you sir' similar? Also, her main character was called BROOKLYN. Danielle BROOKS. Her dad also abused her, she runs away. -_-
thewiseone1308 thewiseone1308 Jan 11, 2013
FAAAAAANTASTIC JUST FANTASTIC!!! Please update :P. And thanks for writing!!! :D