Mate Of The Alpha [BoyxBoy] (Bk 1)

Mate Of The Alpha [BoyxBoy] (Bk 1)

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Lionel Smith is the upcoming Alpha of the Crimson Ash Pack. He's strong, intelligent, brave, and a good leader. Being an Alpha is stressful and a lot of work but Lionel can just about handle anything. 

Caleb Mercury is a wolf of the Crimson Ash Pack. He small, weak, and frail. He's slow and not very good of a hunter. He's picked on a lot for that and he's gay. Yep, a gay werewolf. 

When Lionel turns 18, he begins to feel the pull of his mate. And that pull just so happens to belong to Caleb. First off, Lionel's straight. And second, why would he be destined to mate with such a weak pack member? Of course the Luna should be weaker than the Alpha but Caleb is just too weak for him. Other than the whole mating thing, they've got to deal with homophobes, rogues, a rival pack, an old "friend", and keeping their secret from their human friends. Life's tough. Now add being kidnapped, drugged, beaten, and almost getting killed to your everyday life. Us humans ain't got it bad like they do.

SpicyCoCo SpicyCoCo Apr 21
But im not even part of your pack and I don't even know you #the4thwall
I doubt that 
                              Oh what's this 
                              *pulls out silver knife*
                              I wonder what I could use this for
                              *laughs maniacally
Yes. Because that's defiantly NOT why we are all here....😒
B*tch please I'm a demigod I only obey the gods and goddesses, and that's only when they threaten me with death!
Santoriya Santoriya Mar 30
I already think he's a pussy. BITCH DONT MAKE ME CALL SAM AND DEAN.
Awwwww baby boo your shy too 😭💖 * he will notice you soon with that cute face of yours *