The Alpha's Beta (BoyxBoy)

The Alpha's Beta (BoyxBoy)

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I'd never seen eyes quite like his. It's like they looked right into my soul. 
I could feel my body tensing as he walked closer. 
I knew if I could hear my heart beat,  everyone else could as well .  I took a deep breath and stepped forward, extending my hand toward him.

"Welcome to the Autumn Fall's Pack , I'm Alpha Silas. It's nice to finally meet you, Beta."

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I'm extremely sorry I was reading to fast so I couldn't memorise the names but whose Symon?
ABusySpellingBee ABusySpellingBee 7 days ago
When I read this I thought she brought him back a moose or something like that. I didn't realize she's DEAD.
I bet this is what every male does in the morning or before they go somewhere
Aals765 Aals765 May 14
                              Oh gosh. This is gonna be kinda hard to read... 
                              Eh. I'm still gonna read it
ok first I shipped lucca and silas, then silas and jeremy, now its this beta guy and jeremy. im only on the 2nd chapter and im already shipping silas with everyone
Wow “Silas” after reading pleasure doing business I’m sadden by the name