The Alpha's Beta (BoyxBoy)

The Alpha's Beta (BoyxBoy)

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I'd never seen eyes quite like his. It's like they looked right into my soul. 
I could feel my body tensing as he walked closer. 
I knew if I could hear my heart beat,  everyone else could as well .  I took a deep breath and stepped forward, extending my hand toward him.

"Welcome to the Autumn Fall's Pack , I'm Alpha Silas. It's nice to finally meet you, Beta."

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At they time I was reading this I got a notification about a gay couple, I’m so confused and my phone tried to autocorrect gay to fat....
Science_4ever Science_4ever 2 days ago
Me: You gotta body?
                              Investigator: Umm... No
                              Me: Then they ain't dead. You got no proof!
Science_4ever Science_4ever 2 days ago
I'm laughing and crying right now! I was so caught off guard. LMAO
TheBlueDiamond9 TheBlueDiamond9 6 days ago
That's good to know... so did they teach him how to ride di- 
                              Mom: Finish your sentence I dare you to!!
                              Me:fferent, I was about to say different 
                              Mom:you better be
TheBlueDiamond9 TheBlueDiamond9 6 days ago
I'm confused.....
                              On how everybody else is confused
Mealine4ever Mealine4ever 4 days ago
Me:What was that saying about when life gets hard
                              Teacher:When life gets hard try harder
                              Me:No I think it is when life gets hard fake your death 
                              Teacher:ok I'm sending you to the guidance counselor again