Lost in those Green Eyes (Peter Pan/OUAT)

Lost in those Green Eyes (Peter Pan/OUAT)

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Hanna By HannaNeverFails Updated Sep 11, 2016

"If you have it [love], you don't need to have anything else, and if you don't have it, it doesn't matter much what else you have."J.M. Barrie


"Do you want to leave? Go home?"
Peter asked. Her emerald eyes opened and focused on his, penetrating his soul.
"Home? I have no place to call home..."
Peter lightly took her hand and placed it on his chest, just above his heart. She could feel it beating, slow but strong. He approached his face to hers and quietly whispered in her ear.
"Now, you do."

When Lidia's being taken by the Shadow and brought to Neverland, she doesn't know this place represents a second chance for her, to start anew. But when life has been nothing but pain and loneliness, do you still have the strength to search for something better? She had nothing to lose and everything to gain, but you have to believe to achieve it. She'll find things she never ever dared to dream of.
Will she find a place to call home? People to call family? Someone to...love?
But as you gain, you become affraid to lose.
He has always been a mystery to her. A mystery hiding behind dark green eyes. Can she get through the darkness of his soul and bring out his light? Or will the darkness engulf her as well?
Will they be each other's savior, or each other's undoing?

//contains dark Peter Pan scenes//
*Rating cautious because of some violent scenes*
*I do not own Once Upon a Time, I do not own Once Upon a Time's characters.*
*I do own my characters.*

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the_arty_otter the_arty_otter Apr 13, 2017
Strawberry blond hair? 5 foot 3?(if I remember clearly) are you sure you spelt her name correctly.* fangirls because Lydia Martin is amazing*
Peterslostgirl37 Peterslostgirl37 Jun 25, 2017
I came here when I noticed the picture in the cover. It's the same one as mine 😂😂😂
RileyPortelli RileyPortelli Dec 27, 2016
English is my first language and I'm still trying to get stuff right! This was amazing!
storytellerpower storytellerpower Oct 05, 2016
English isn't your first language!? This was incredible! I can't believe this is your first story.
LyssaLoo521 LyssaLoo521 Jan 04, 2017
Yeah don't be nervous because it's freaking awesome.
                              Just saying.
chubbious_bunnious chubbious_bunnious Jan 14, 2017
Just keep running (swimming) just keep running (swimming) [finding dory]