Twice The Love: Twice The Trouble.

Twice The Love: Twice The Trouble.

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Neé. ♥ By sincerelyBee Updated Jan 28, 2015

Twins. The greatest gifts you can ever ask for. 

Join these two twins on the journey of life and love. Keiauna and Breauna are two twenty year old twins who are looking for love. They've never had boyfriend's to love so they never knew what it felt like to love one. Until one day when Breauna bumps into a beautiful blonde boy who goes by the name of Dylan. He's everything Breauna wanted and more. She couldn't get him off of her mind and she had to talk to him but there was one problem, once she looked up, he was gone. Keiauna has too met the boy of her dreams at the same exact spot as Breauna. The twins sits at the same spot that they bumped into these beautiful guys, at the exact same time, everyday in hopes that they will one day return.
Read along as we try to find out if Keiauna and Breauna will ever meet the boys of their dreams or if they'll give up forever..

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