The Wolf who Sits the Throne

The Wolf who Sits the Throne

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Ashley Gagnon By TrapperWeasel Updated Jan 15, 2015

A king becomes obsessive with a prophecy that his grand daughter will be the Wolf who sits the Throne. In preparation to make her the most vicious warrior, he actually does her more harm than good. She's stuck picking up the pieces after she's sent away to Germany and she struggles with who or what she is supposed to be.  A savage prince rules with tyranny and bloodshed but is unaware that he is only a pawn in the struggle for power. 

Roska has been taught since she could remember that her blood is of the highest purity and that killing is the finest art there is. The mad king, her grand sire, is dead set on turning her into the most savage warrior that had ever lived due to a long foretold prophecy before she was ever born. After a life threatening alteration is performed to her, she is sent to be fostered and trained by her father's bastard half brother. She learns there's more to being a warrior than chopping up bound and chained victims. There's also more to life than the cruelty she's been taught. 

Prince Rheiss the Untamed used to rule before Roska's time, with a bloody fist of iron. He doesn't know though, that his power is all a fraud and the real king of Rhodaria is lurking in the clothes of a scrawny council scribe with dreams of grandeur and blood. While the Untamed Wolf lops heads and rips throats, Remus stands behind every crime and whispers false promises to his savage cousin with fingers crossed behind his back.

  • adventure
  • historical
  • mature
  • medieval
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