To Have Rosaline

To Have Rosaline

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It's Out There By BelieveNUnbelievable Completed

She was meant for a simple life. 

A family involving parent's unconditionally in love and who dearly love their own. A little brother she'd do anything for and who would look up to her always. She was suppose to live the life she wanted before her father's disappearance. Before everything went down hill. She was meant to be happy... 

How did it all go so wrong?


Coming face to face with one of the world's most dangerous creature's hidden in the dark and being's that are only suppose to be folklore is not as simple as it seems. 
Battling life and death, evil force's trying to rip her apart at every turn, a bewitching voice she never wanted and two men wishing for her love, it's all she can do to hold herself together. 

Will she survive through it all? How much can she take before it's too much? Moreover, will she find love at the end of a dark tunnel? 

* * * * * * * EXCERPT * * * * * * * 

She was frozen in fear, shaking from head to toe as she watched Rhyvos's skin ripple in a way that looked as if his bone's were shifting into place. Hair began to grow out of his revealed skin and his face became deformed. She blinked and there stood exactly what you would see in every scary werewolf movie. It was just what Abellon called it. A beast. Nothing of the King's body was left. Only a monster. 

It stood on it's hind leg's and slammed it's front feet into the ground when it was only feet from her before letting out a ferocious roar. 

Her sight went black and she felt herself fall. 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


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taxday taxday Jun 25, 2017
That's like the opposite of me, I cry cuz no boys like me😂
MollyIveson MollyIveson Apr 22, 2017
sorry if i over step boundries with suggestions.. 'her job is being' could be replaced by 'she is a' or 'she works as a' which, imo are a bit smoother x
Wolfgirl5729 Wolfgirl5729 Jul 25, 2016
This book is very good so far, but I do see some grammatical mistakes! I suggest proof reading before you punish a chapter!
WriterKellie WriterKellie Apr 05, 2016
Again, I think this is a nice, interesting story that's different from usual~ This chapter is actually a lot better than your prologue!
                              It could use an edit though; in particular, there is some switching of verb tenses (past vs present) that could use some cleaning up.
monkeymehehe monkeymehehe Mar 08, 2016
This is so good. Its like a real novel. Smooth and silky sentences throughout.
spiritbooks78 spiritbooks78 Jul 05, 2016
5'7 is not petite, that's average.  Now 5'3, my height, is petite.