The Girl Next Door

The Girl Next Door

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Companion book to The Boy at My Window

Shaina pulled out her earbuds and looked at me. I tapped again. 

She got up and opened the window. "What are you doing here?" she asked sounding kind of nervous.

"I need somewhere to stay and your house is the closest." 

I saw her eyes wander to the bruise forming on my cheek.

"Don't you have a friends house you could go to?" she asked me.

Honestly I had two friends and they lived across town. I wouldn't be able to get there without my dad finding me. 

"That's the first place he'd look." I told her seriously.

She bit her lip nervously.

"Come on, Shaina. It's only one night." I coaxed her. 

Finally, she nodded and stepped away from the window.

*This story deals with mild bullying, self-harm, drugs and abuse themes with some mild, choice language.

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KayleeRae2303 KayleeRae2303 2 days ago
trackmarks trackmarks Aug 26, 2017
It's allowed, not aloud - the mistake is in the other book as well
the_AwKwArD_shy_girl the_AwKwArD_shy_girl Mar 21, 2016
So he is allowed to came through her widow whenever she does know he is a teenage boy right and that's her teenage daughter's room right
readersclubbb readersclubbb Oct 27, 2016
Didnt he stay for breakfast. Its what happened in the boy at my window
kylie_furuli kylie_furuli Mar 01, 2016
Am I the only one who thought of Twaimz?!?!? *Cue music* Happy llama, sad llama, mentally distributed llama, super llama, drama llama, big fat momma llama.
Mega-n-tron_345 Mega-n-tron_345 Apr 26, 2015
That's right! Food is far more important than people, both medically and metaphorically