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Maddy Wonsala By maddyandcurly Updated Jan 18, 2015

Time, fate, chaos, willpower, nature: ideas born from man, used by man, honored by man. Most of the time, at least. These ideas, these concepts, unbeknownst to humankind, have been born into this world as human-like beings, and for the whole of mankind’s existence, they have lived among them as fleeting faces. For the most part, they have remained unnoticed, even by their own kind.

Until the War of Nations.

Chance, the being of fate, joined forces one hundred years ago with a cruel man by the name of Demarcus Sotelo, threatening those of his own kind to join or suffer. Tyme, having refused to surrender, longs for the vengeance of her only ally and friend, soon learning she is not alone on her quest in the final resting place of the human race.

Not just her kind, but humans as well, long to be free of the chains Chance has bound them with, and the whispers of a revolution begin to spread.

Revenge is sweet. But revenge, true vengeance, is decadent.

-=-=-=-Author's Note-=-=-=-
This story is a work in progress. In other words, I'll be changing it up almost constantly. At the moment, I'm really just getting it down so I can finish it.

Additionally, I'd like to thank @juliaviktoria for the epic cover, and the rest who supplied an amazing array of choices:
Once again, thank you so much!