The Werewolfs dream

The Werewolfs dream

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yinezlewis16 By yinezlewis16 Updated Nov 22, 2014

"Stay still" he whispered in my ear. 
His voice is sultry and smooth like chocolate, but very demanding. My mind was telling me to knee him where the sun don't shine, but my body wanted to obey his every command. He had me pinned against the wall with my arms over my head. With his 6'2 height against my 5'2 self, I was clearly at a disadvantage. 

"P-Pl-Please l-let go," I whispered/moaned. I pleaded with my eyes. 

His bright aqua blue eyes was boring deep into my violet ones. It was very intimidating. Just like him.

"Not when I'm done with you. I want to taste every inch of you. And your not going anywhere until I do,' he said lightly placing butterfly kisses down my next and to my chest.

"Chica you'll be lucky if you even walk tomorrow." One of hands begins to travel down my waist and across my stomach. He slides into my pants and presses against my most sacred place.

What have I gotten myself into???

This is the first story I've ever done. I hope you like it.

Description is before the 1st chapter

  • badboy
  • curvy
  • depression
  • hybrids
  • love
  • mixed
  • passion
  • recovery
  • selfharm
  • short
  • vampires
  • werewolf
I can just tell by the description that I will absolutely LOVE this book!!
Purple_Sam Purple_Sam Nov 22, 2017
YASS FINALY LATINOS!!!! There are barely books with Hispanic backgrounds
darkgirl1012 darkgirl1012 Nov 10, 2016
No you didn't what the he'll you say old have warned us earliee
rohannathompson7 rohannathompson7 Dec 01, 2016
Why did she come out she could have mind-linked her family for help
Dbaby2015 Dbaby2015 Jul 02, 2015
oh no i wanna know what happens to her and why they are so evil