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Stockholm Syndrome || zarry au {COMPLETED}

Stockholm Syndrome || zarry au {COMPLETED}

182K Reads 10.2K Votes 20 Part Story
Tori Stylik By xGetTheShovelZarryx Completed

"why aren't you trying to get away"

"because I like you"

Zayn Malik is a drug dealer mostly known for his sick ways in getting what he wants. Harry Styles' father is a drug addict. He decided to cheat Zayn and in return Zayn kidnapped Harry and doesn't plan on giving him back. But, maybe Harry doesn't want him to. 

© 2014 xGetTheShovelZarryx

louistoplinsons louistoplinsons Dec 30, 2016
I honestly wished I managed them so I could let them do whatever the hell they wanted
louistoplinsons louistoplinsons Dec 30, 2016
I hate parents they don't take care of their kids. Why did you have kids in the first place. Children should be the parents number one priority
got2bdmb2498 got2bdmb2498 Feb 02, 2016
Idk why I read that in a old fashioned southern accent??? XD
NadsR5 NadsR5 Apr 28, 2016
This is the nest disclaimer I've ever seen. :) everything else talks about Copy right and every other legal thing, this one explains the simple thing we needed to know. Thanks for not making that long. Lol!!
HollowSoul87 HollowSoul87 Oct 06, 2016
*ghostbusters starts playing* WHO YOU GONNA CALL! GHOSTFUCKERS! oops
uhh_okay uhh_okay Jan 19, 2016
I'm living off of soup rn. Gingivitis is gr8. It's the worst thing that's happened to my mouth. Why me? I practice good oral hygiene. What did I ever do to you?