Last to know~[BoyxBoy]~Book 1

Last to know~[BoyxBoy]~Book 1

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(First book!)

Echo Winters has been in love with his step brothers for quite sometime, he finally builds up the courage to tell them how he feels and when he does they reject him. Echo's left broken hearted and helpless that is until he try's out for the X-factor, that's where he gets put in a band called Three Days Grace. Now five years later Echo and his band are the most popular rock band in the world, Echo's all grown up and changed, he's having the time of his life with his three best friends but two people pop up from his past and ruin everything. What happens when Echo's step brothers turn up and confess that they've loved him all along? Will Echo except that? 

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Techno626 Techno626 May 13, 2016
This is sounding really good can't wait to read more..... I'm so excited...
SinfulGeek SinfulGeek Oct 18, 2016
She just walked away why didnt she tell me and where do i go tonight this isnt happening to me this cant be happening to me she didnt say a word just walked away!!!
prince_teddi prince_teddi Oct 25, 2016
These wounds won't seem to heal. This pain is just too real.
ThatAwkwardEmoGirl ThatAwkwardEmoGirl Jul 15, 2015
that's how I spelt Meagan for my book and my friend told me it was stupid. when I read that I was like,"HAHAHAHA. I WAS RIGHT. SUCK IT, HO!!!!!" but she wasn't here for me to actually say that.
StormyLemon StormyLemon Apr 22, 2015
But my mom just shook her head and when I woke up I had a white teddy bear with a little band aid over his heart
StormyLemon StormyLemon Apr 22, 2015
After I got open heart surgery I had one of those moments... They gave me a sleepy mask thing and I thought I was dying X33 I asked my mom to stuff French toast sticks down my throw at my funeral X3