I will make you all pay (daughter of pein)

I will make you all pay (daughter of pein)

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Akatsuki lover By paper_angel_11 Updated Mar 10, 2015

Sakura is 19 and has been abused by her parents for as long as she can remember. All her 'friends' except shika, Sai and Hinata all treat her like shit. 

One day when sakura is organizing files for Tsunade. She decides to read her file and she learns that she is actually the daughter of Pein and konan. 

They loved her but they think that see was murdered at age 7. 

Sakura makes it her goal to find her parents and make konaha pay for betraying her, kidnapping her from her family, abusing her, treating her like shit and for all the times they made her feel worthless.

Pein, konan, Tobi ( he is actually madara  not obito in this story), zetsu, kisame, itachi, deidara and Sasori (he is human in this story and is like a brother to sakura).

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pixie_heart pixie_heart Aug 05, 2017
I CAN'T BELIVE THAT THEY WOULD ABANDON SAKURA LIKE THAT! Well I really can but still they were team mates for crying out loud. Hypocrites much?
Moonmist1234 Moonmist1234 Jun 04, 2017
You did. However you used the wrong right. Sorry if I sound let kept a grammar cop but I kinda am.
XXxCRAPxXX XXxCRAPxXX Dec 22, 2017
this reminds me of Katsu from My Dear cold-Blooded King. Anybody here know webtoons?
MissMurderz MissMurderz Mar 31, 2016
I don't want to be rude, but you've asked ppl to correct the mistakes so it's Uzumaki and Hatake
ExixaDxwxnx ExixaDxwxnx Feb 10, 2017
Your books would be good if you have capital letters for names and after full stops.
- - Jan 11, 2017
That is not out of character at all *note the sarcasm* 
                              Who knew cheerful Naruto could be so mean?