Undercover Princess

Undercover Princess

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Cumberbatch By jezrielle Updated Apr 02, 2016

In the world of Monarchy, Princess Dianne Mae Beaufortt's life is not all glitz and glamour. She has to endure hours of etiquette classes and all those pish posh things that are required for a princess. She is bored out of her life inside the beautiful walls of the castle.

Aiden Chandier's life has been hectic. He is the one and only heir of the Chandier Conglomerate . Being the only son has its ups and downs. He gets what he wants, may it be a Porsche or Lamborghini. One of the many downs is the absence of freedom.

These two people's destiny are written on a piece of paper, made by the two parties of the Chandier's and Beaufortt's . They have been engaged since birth.

What if Dianne has been granted to go to normal school. The same normal school where Aiden is. Where she decides to spy on her fiancé.

All she has to do is to hide and everything will go as planned.

OMG are there countries were GOT is available on Netflix? #notfair #sooooooojealous
K-the-Queen-Tribute K-the-Queen-Tribute Jul 12, 2016
I feel like her entire outfit could pay for my freshman year of college
RTinyElephant RTinyElephant Feb 07, 2016
I skipped it because I have no idea what the hell this means dyum
Skyaxx19 Skyaxx19 Dec 13, 2015
The use is that you look hot, especially when you're Barbara Palvin...
22sd_centurygeek 22sd_centurygeek Oct 16, 2015
My mom made me start to learn how to walk in 6 sometimes 7 inch stilettos when I was 6
22sd_centurygeek 22sd_centurygeek Oct 16, 2015
These class were torture and I still have to take them I'm just on a break