Princess Undercover #Wattys2016

Princess Undercover #Wattys2016

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SmashingInnocence By SmashingInnocence Updated Feb 24

*Sequel To Mr vs Miss Delinquent. Can Be Read As A Single Book.*

Paige Allison is a noble young lady who carries herself with poise and dignity. She listens attentively. And when she speaks, she carefully chooses her words. She exercises control over her emotions and makes choices based on what's right rather than on how she feels. Though she isn't perfect, she possesses a strong sense of duty that comes with knowing she's a princess.

She doesn't demand or expect special treatment from others and chooses to refrain from bragging or boasting. Instead, she focuses on others and their needs. She doesn't have to be in the spotlight because she already knows she's a princess.

Paige loves her duties as Princess but, that doesn't mean that she doesn't enjoy her privacy. When Paige learns that she is soon to become Queen. She makes a decision which could either make or break her life.


"When you feel like rebelling or indulging in other questionable behaviour, remember your crown and ask yourself, Is this the conduct of a princess? My princess Qualities?"

jimicorn jimicorn May 19, 2016
wait what how did this go from like a crime actionish romance story to a princess story
ZeroVqueen ZeroVqueen Mar 05
I just love how his First name is "Tal" and His last name is "Fisherman" :)) Same goes with his brother, "Short Fisherman" 
                              Tal Fisherman :)
                              Short Fisherman :))
ZeroVqueen ZeroVqueen Mar 05
A princess is a daughter of the queen (Mehhh) 
                              My profile pic matches the cover pic 🤓🤓
                              Yes, I commented just to say those few words.
SacredPumpkins SacredPumpkins Jun 17, 2016
I thought this book was called "Princess Underwear" at first glance
-Drezzy- -Drezzy- May 06, 2016
This story is going to be AMAZING!!!!!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
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-Drezzy- -Drezzy- May 07, 2016
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                              I can't wait till the next chapter!!!!