Flash of Bravery (Book One)

Flash of Bravery (Book One)

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Two people have talents that will make you believe the impossible. Barry Allen; a man who works for the Central City Police Department as a forensic scientist during the day, and saves lives at night. How, you may ask? By being the fastest man in the world, The Flash. He will do anything to save the innocent, protect his loved ones, and battle those who are his enemies. 

When Barry is told about an experiment S.T.A.R.'s Lab was working on before the night of the explosion, his superhero adventure gets an upgrade. The only twist is, the experiment is a girl named Andi Brave, who has more powers then he can think of and a mystery to her he wants to unravel. 

So many questions are left for Barry to ask. So little time he has to prepare for what Andi Brave will do to make an influence on him.

(Everything that involves in The Flash plot line belongs to the writers of the show. I own Andi Brave and her plot line)

Of course... The girl has aallllll the powers and can't be some regular. (Pfffffffff)
bekkihaiti bekkihaiti Dec 07, 2015
Funny enough, another author has used this actress for their OC. It's a small world
GallifreyanSpawn GallifreyanSpawn Nov 23, 2015
I'm sorry but she looks like the female version of Barry ;-;
DcLarry_ DcLarry_ Sep 12, 2015
Why does everyone use crystal reed in a flash fanfic.  I may sound dumb...
SkylarO SkylarO Dec 09, 2014
I think the title should be "Flash of Bravery" rather than "Flash of Braveness".