♡Three Little Words♡ |h.s|

♡Three Little Words♡ |h.s|

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I Love You -  The three hardest words to say in the English Language. When done properly, butterflies fill your stomach, perhaps tears overwhelm your eyes, and  you feel an overwhelming  hint joy.  
 *          *               *             *             *                   *                   *                
  Belle Moore has always been a little hopeless. Despite being tormented by the guys at her high school and her own mother, Belle tries her best to be content, but somehow no matter how hard she tries , there's always someone in her life bringing her down . But there's  one boy who makes her feel alive, and he is the only person besides her father, that makes her truly happy .  

But  what happens when this boy is one of her dreaded  bullies, just accepting a  stupid bet to date his "enemy" ?

  Three little words will change both of their lives completely.  But which will it be?  I Love You? ..or  I Hate You?

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kristinastyles1D kristinastyles1D Apr 27, 2014
i really love this story oh my gawwd i will thank my friend for showing this stpry to me ahhhhh
Calm_Your_Curls Calm_Your_Curls Jul 20, 2013
@savannaahhhhh haha ya just bullies and she really is <3 thank you so much for reading! I really appreciate it!
svnhknx svnhknx Jul 20, 2013
ok, just wondering. haha, Nina is absolutely stunning and flawless! it's just bullies then? great writing by the way, I love the story. xx :)
Calm_Your_Curls Calm_Your_Curls Jul 20, 2013
@savannaahhhhh and lol i would of never put Nina if she was suppouse to be ugly, Nina is freaking perfect xD!
Calm_Your_Curls Calm_Your_Curls Jul 20, 2013
@savannaahhhhh no belle is suppose to be beautiful(: it's just everyone else makes her think she's not ,but she is, she just's to naive to see it (:
svnhknx svnhknx Jul 19, 2013
so, is belle supposed to be genuinely ugly? it's confusing. she's portrayed as Nina dobrev right? the girl in the picture? she's not ugly at all!!!