Am I Addicted

Am I Addicted

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nyawright165 By nyawright165 Updated Dec 14, 2014

Are you ready for the first day of school Jasmine.

Yes, mom I'm ready.

I ate breakfast and I kiss mom and dad on the cheek and said goodbye to my brother Chris. Chris already graduated from high school and I'm next in line. Chris teach me everything about the streets and I kinda like the streets now. As I arrived to school i met a new friend her name was May. May was a pretty girl and she was very attractive. 

Hi, my name is May and what's your name ?

Jasmine, as I chewed my gum loud.

Yea okay I admit I have a nasty attitude
 but at least I'm cool as u get to know me. May and I was walking to our first class after we got our schedule and i bump into this boy name John. John was 6'1 brown skin curly hair and pretty eyes. My mouth drop when I saw him.

Hello my name is John and yours ?

Hi and my name is Jasmine next time watch were you are going. 

No need to get all angry boo i just wanna get to know you.

Well my name is Jasmine and I love dancing and I'm a party girl.

I love pa...

Depebbles Depebbles Jul 19, 2017
                              But what? U got raped last night and you're confessing your sexual desires for your friend...hmmm