The Contests Book (previously Do You Want To Win A Review)

The Contests Book (previously Do You Want To Win A Review)

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Dilyana K. By CatMint5 Updated Feb 09, 2017

Are you just starting out or perhaps you've been on wattpad for a while but could still use some feedback? Maybe you'd like a shout-out? Or perhaps you want more followers?

Then this book is just for you!

In it I'll post the competitions I organize. Participate to get a chance to win a review on your book, a shout-out/recommendation or a follow. Some of the competitions will be reading ones (like the Halloween Specials) and some will be writing ones. I might even make a cover/banner competition for those of you who are creative in that area. One chapter equals one challenge. Each chapter will explain how to enter, what are the rules, deadlines and prizes and how many winners there will be.

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