October 2015 Challenge - ENDED

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Hello, you funky monkeys! It's October, it's time for a new challenge and since October is Halloween month, the challenge will be spook-related.

GOAL: Submit a story that falls into the following criteria of length, new/old, genres and themes.

- Length: Under fifteen (15) pages; it could be a single chapter, it could be several chapters.

- New or old: You can submit an entirely new story or an old one as long as it is completed by October 31 and hasn't won another contest (if you submitted it to a contest and didn't win, you can submit it here).

- Genres and themes: As long as it your story has paranormal and/or scary elements, you can submit it.

HOW TO SUBMIT. Fill out this form and post it as a comment in this chapter.




Number of pages:


DUE DATE: October 31, Halloween.


- Best Story Prize - given to the best entry or entries (the more people to participate, the more winners).

- Feedback on your entry.

- Feedback on the first three (3) chapters and the blurb of another story by you.

- A shout-out on my page.

- Adding the winning entry to my reading list Winners.

- Announcing you as the winner in a new chapter of The Contests Book.

- Spread The Word Prize - given to EVERYONE who posts a message on their wattpad profile or tweets about this contest.

- Feedback on your entry even if you don't win.

The wattpad message to followers is:

Have a spooky and/or paranormal short story? Enter it in @CatMint5's October challenge to win feedback on two of your books and a shout-out her 4K followers *link to this chapter*.


@CatMint_cat (CatMint5 on #wattpad) is organizing a spooky/paranormal contest. Prizes: feedback & a shout-out *link*

Both the message and the tweet are in the comments so you can copy them from there.

SUGGESTIONS. Feel free to use these (as they are or altered) in your entries:

- Your character is young, sexy... and a vampire who is afraid of blood.

- A newly bitten human experiences their first transformation into a werewolf under the full moon.

- Kids or teenagers go trick-or-treating, but it turns out their new neighbor's claws aren't fake.

- Someone dares your main character(s) to go into an abandoned house where a murder was committed. They see something moving into the shadows, but is it real?

- Your character is a descendent of a very powerful witch so when their life turns upside-down, they decide to use a dash of magic to fix it. It's their first spell and needless to say, things don't go as planned.


Can I submit a paranormal humorous/romantic story? Yes, it has paranormal elements.

Can I submit a realistic, but scary story? Yes. It doesn't have paranormal elements, but it is scary.

Can I submit a realistic story where someone believes there's something supernatural going on, but it's all in their head? Yes.

My country has creepy mythological creatures; can I submit a legend about them? Yes.

Does my story has to take place on Halloween? No. It could, but it doesn't have to.

Do I have to use one of the suggested plots? No, they are only suggestions.


Submit a completed by October 31, fifteen pages max story which is spooky or, if not scary, has paranormal elements (ghost, vampires, etc.).

If you have any questions, ask in the comments.

Have fun writing, funky monkeys!

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