July 2015 Blurb Contest Winners and Honorable Mentions

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Oh, boy, deciding this was tough! I couldn't settle for less than four winners and three honorable mentions. Here they are:


- @KatherineArlene with The Boy in the Woods

- @DayzGatz with The Second Time Around

- @dreamflier with For the Love of Food

- @LidyWilks with Nadia, the Fire Witch

Honorable Mentions:

- Just a Poker Face by @SarcasticNeonWolf

- Beyond a book cover by @AnaSavana4

- BFFs For (N)Ever by @CBear101

The links to the winning stories will be in the comments, but first, here are their blurbs.

The Boy in the Woods by @KatherineArlene

A mysterious and poignant coming of age story with the same classic feel as A Little Princess and The Secret Garden.

In 1958, a tragic accident steals away Jess's parents - and everything else she's ever known. With a cold and controlling uncle the only family she has left, she's taken far from her home in the big city. Brought to live on the rural family estate with her equally distant older cousin, she struggles to adjust to a new life of loneliness and quiet isolation.

While exploring the woods surrounding her home, she stumbles upon a mysterious boy. Desperate for a friend, she's instantly drawn to him, but he's deeply distrustful and wants nothing to do with her. Sneaking off to see him, she works hard to break through his walls and slowly gains his trust.

But as their bond grows from friendship into something more, so do the secrets swirling around Jess. How far will she have to go to protect the boy she's fallen in love with? Or will the weight of secrets crush them both before she can escape her uncle's control?

The Second Time Around by @DayzGatz

At the end of her Senior year Claire's once neighbor, Lucas, returns. This would typically just be an interesting piece of dinner gossip - pass the salt? - and life goes on...right? It isn't so. Claire can't get him out of her head and quite frankly, the attraction between them is obvious. But why are they only seeing this now?

Life won't wait for them as they are pulled in different directions. Claire will have to decide if she is willing to change the path she's headed towards for Lucas and if altering her plans to take a chance on love with someone she had once seen as no more than a neighbor and friend is the best thing to do. She'll have to ask herself if she can overcome her fears of falling hard and if she trusts him to be the one to catch her.

Because if it was not until the second time around that they realized these feelings, who's to say the risk is worth the shot in the dark?

For the Love of Food by @dreamflier

"You can't steal someone's food! That's practically like breaking up a marriage! You're a home wrecker!"

"Funny, most women would be ecstatic if I broke up their marriage. Let's just say I did you a favor."

- - - -

Eva Breslin is your average Plain Jane. She's nice and funny—not that anyone would ever know; she prefers to stick to herself. Despite her calm appearance, Eva has one small problem. She can't stand for people to steal her food. So what happens when Daniel Kraus, resident "bad boy" of Finite High, steals a hash brown from her breakfast one morning? Well, nothing good, of course. The whole school turns against Eva for her behavior towards Daniel, leaving Daniel with a hard choice to make. Will he allow Eva to be crushed, or will he swoop in like a Prince Charming for his damsel in distress? On his way to deciding, will he fall in love with the so-called damsel in distress?

Nadia, the Fire Witch by @LidyWilks

Nadia Kemp is a very special witch. Why is she special? Only her family knows.

Nadia, a lonely witch, is the new girl in town. After years of homeschooling, Nadia begins her countdown until the first day of school but finds herself targeted by persons unknown. Determined to have the normal high school life she's dreamed of, Nadia has less than two weeks to find who's after her and why. Can Nadia defeat her pursuers and avoid capture or will she never walk down the pristine hallways of Lyndonburg High School?

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