Torn By a Rose

Torn By a Rose

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                             Chapter 1

Blue Rose Kingdom        15 years ago

The queen, Queen Aurora, had gave birth to 2 handsome baby boys which were named

Sonic and Sam the princes of Blue Rose Kingdom

and a few months later a servant gave birth to a beautiful baby girl which was named

Amy Rose

Sonic was a blue hedgehog with emerald green eyes.

Sam was a dark blue hedgehog with dark green eyes. 

Amy was a pink hedgehog with emerald green eyes.

Amy's dad was a gardener in the Blue Rose Kingdom, Amy's mom was a servant in the Blue Rose Kingdom, and even though both her parents lived and worked there, Amy and the 2 brothers never met.

Sonic and Sam were both very mischievous and very playful. They always played with each other and loved to play pranks on others. They lived a pampered and rich life but they were never really happy, their dad, the king, was always at war and their mom never gave them attention or love.

Amy was beautiful, calm, kind, and some times a little mi...

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serenasuppy6 serenasuppy6 Jul 12, 2017
RaqceliOchoa RaqceliOchoa Oct 01, 2017
He could at least said to his mom,"I am sorry mother but....he is gone..."And then cry and hugg her but he said all like I don't care BOI
mackenziepopstar mackenziepopstar Nov 22, 2017
Sonic and Sam: Dang it mom why are you in my life. Go get banished, and stay in a dungeon or something.
MoonbeamLulamoon MoonbeamLulamoon Oct 09, 2017
Amy: ...sans get me outta here.
                              Sans: ok. *tps Amy and Sans outta here*
Starry_Juewlz Starry_Juewlz Sep 29, 2017
Well if you wanna know... My teacher said use Bishop in a sentence so I said keara said she want fight so I ran up and beat that bish up
MoonbeamLulamoon MoonbeamLulamoon Oct 09, 2017
                              Sans: GETTTTT DUNKED ON!
                              Amy: I just found myself a new bf, Sans
                              Sans: Yas! My gf’s a dunker!
                              Sam and Sonic: *heartbroken*