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Chapter 1

Blue Rose Kingdom 15 years ago

The queen, Queen Aurora, had gave birth to 2 handsome baby boys which were named

Sonic and Sam the princes of Blue Rose Kingdom

and a few months later a servant gave birth to a beautiful baby girl which was named

Amy Rose

Sonic was a blue hedgehog with emerald green eyes.

Sam was a dark blue hedgehog with dark green eyes.

Amy was a pink hedgehog with emerald green eyes.

Amy's dad was a gardener in the Blue Rose Kingdom, Amy's mom was a servant in the Blue Rose Kingdom, and even though both her parents lived and worked there, Amy and the 2 brothers never met.

Sonic and Sam were both very mischievous and very playful. They always played with each other and loved to play pranks on others. They lived a pampered and rich life but they were never really happy, their dad, the king, was always at war and their mom never gave them attention or love.

Amy was beautiful, calm, kind, and some times a little mischievous. Her parents loved her very much. Amy ran around the castle of Blue Rose, helping her mother with her jobs in the castle. But what she most loved was helping her father with gardening.

As the years passed, both brothers grew more mischievous and even more handsome. Amy grew more beautiful and kinder.

She played around the castle with her friends who were the children of other servants, but never saw the brothers. Both brothers played pranks on servants and others in the castle, always causing trouble.

When Amy was young, her mother had an accident while going shopping. She was hit by a car on the streets, her father had to take her place, now as a servant and gardener. After her mothers death, Amy helped around her house by cooking and cleaning.

15 years later Present day

Sonic and Sam had just turned 16. There was a huge party. Kings, Queens, Princesses, and Princes traveled to Blue Rose Kingdom to celebrate the birthday of Sonic and Sam. 16 years old, now they were old enough to rule the kingdom. It was 9 P.M. everyone was dancing and having fun, suddenly their father, King David, collapsed on the floor, he was taken to his room. He had a seriouse illness, and didn't have that much time left, he asked to speak with both his sons.

"Sonic... Sam... my two sons..." he spoke within breaths

"Yes father?" both brothers stepped in his room

"As you both know... I don't have much time left... I asked to speak with you two... because I want to ask you two a favor..." He sat up from his bed

"You know your mother can't rule the Kingdom by herself... so, I am putting both of you in charge of the Kingdom."

Sonic can closer to his father

"But dad... The rules say that for one to rule a Kingdom they must be married to a woman, neither of us have married yet."

"I know Sonic...but in the circumstances that we are in right now, Both of you... must rule this Kingdom, that is... until one of you gets married...." he said between coughs "Both of you promise me that you will take good care of this kingdom..."

Both brothers look at each other and then back at their father

"Don't worry father..."

"We will take good care of your Kingdom" Sam steps up

"We promise...." Both brothers smile at their father

"Thank you my sons... I can now rest... in peace..." King David says with his last breath and closes his eyes.

They both step outside.

"What happened to your father?" Queen Arurora, their mother, walks towards them.

"He's dead" Sonic says

She gasps

"Who will rule the kingdom!? What will we do!? I would have to rule by myself!?"

"Calm down mother, He put us in charge to rule the Kingdom, not you." Sam looks at her

"IMPOSSIBLE! There can't be two kings!"

"He told us both to rule the kingdom until one of us gets married and takes the throne" Sonic says while walking towards a door

"What? You thought it would be that simple to take the throne yourself? Hmph... greedy old woman..." Sam walked next to Sonic, Sam never liked his mother , he hated her because he knew that she never loved their father, she only married him for money.

"You little rat-"

"That's enough... let's go Sam, we have to tell everyone."

Both brothers left the room and stepped outside where everyone was waiting to hear what happened.

"We have bad news... King David, our father, has just died." Sam tells the crowd

everyone gasps and starts mumbling

"Oh my gosh!"

"Who's going to take the throne?!"

"Who will rule the kingdom?!"

"Calm down," Sonic continues " Our father has put me and Sam in Charge to rule this Kingdom."


"There can't be two kings!!"

"Impossible! that's against the rules!"

"Both of us will rule..." Sam says "Until one of us gets married, The one who does first will take the throne"

"Well everyone, the party must go on. We will be down stairs in a few minutes"

Sonic and Sam both leave the room.

Meanwhile outside the castle was a house where Amy and her Father both lived. Amy's dad was very very sick so Amy always took care of him. Amy served her dad's food

"I hope this will make you feel better dad..."

"I don't think anything can male me feel better... I don't think I have that much time left here..."

"Daddy...don't say that your going to be fine!" Amy sets his food down "I'm going to go to the pharmacy to get your medicine" She gets up but her dad pulls her

"No... don't waste your time, I won't make it through the night..."

"No Dad don't say that-"

"Amy... it's ok you will be fine..."

she starts crying

"I don't want to lose you... like I lost mom..." she says between tears

"You will be fine Amy, but... promise me that you'll take care... you have to survive, you have to live your life and enjoy it... find a nice job, maybe get a nice husband... promise me that you will take care... please"

"I-I... I promise daddy..." Amy hugs him and starts crying harder

"I love you... your my little girl... Take.Care." he says with his last breath

"Dad!.. no... Please no...." Amy gets up and runs out of her house to get help but it was to late.

To Be Continued

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