Faking It {Luke Hemmings}

Faking It {Luke Hemmings}

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ana By butternutclifford Updated Dec 30, 2015

"нow can ѕoмeone lιĸe yoυ вe ѕo perғecт?" lυĸe aѕĸed, wнιcн caυѕed danιela тo вlυѕн. "ι don'т ĸnow lυĸe." 

danιela lee, yoυ're norмal average 17 year old gιrl wιтн long вeaυтιғυl вrown нaιr, green eyeѕ тнaт мaĸeѕ every вoy ғall ғor нer, along wιтн нer cυтe yeт ѕweeт perѕonalιтy.. ѕнe'ѕ lιveѕ ιn loѕ angeleѕ, calιғornιa and нaѕ a norмal lιғe.

  lυĸe нeммιngѕ, yoυ're average 18 year old weιrdo wιтн a ѕenѕe oғ нυмor lιĸe a 6 year old, вeaυтιғυl вlυe eyeѕ тнaт мaĸe every gιrl go crazy. and ιѕ ιn a вand called 5 ѕecondѕ oғ ѕυммer. one day, ѕнe geтѕ нιred ғor a joв вυт lιттle doeѕ ѕнe ĸnow ѕнe'ѕ нaѕ тo вe тнe lυĸe нeммιngѕ preтend gιrlғrιend. wιll тнey вe aвle тo geт along or wιll тнey нaтe eacн oтнer?

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Kaitlynne__ Kaitlynne__ Aug 13, 2017
My mum was mad at me and she said "if you don't go to your room right now I don't care put your five stupid idiots so I'll rip all their posters off your walls" so me being smart ass I am said "there's four of them"
Magenta_Brave Magenta_Brave Nov 27, 2016
Dude if you'd have added an extra l itd be my name! (aka Daniella)
HemmingsFutureWife HemmingsFutureWife Feb 01, 2017
Guys I got tickets to SLFL and I started bawling and my mom was like "I will take them back if you really don't want them" then I snatched them and was like "NO THESE R HAPPY TEARS I LOVE U SO MUCH!" And I may have scared her when I screamed but is okay lol
herronornot herronornot Feb 13, 2017
I wish getting a phone from the store was that quick.... lmaooo
5SOS-CALM 5SOS-CALM May 13, 2015
ᗰy name is Daniela I'm very excited for this book !!! I'm so happy and I'm fangirling ❤️❤️
nikkiheartbook nikkiheartbook Oct 07, 2014
so far so good! I must say that this chapter was a bit of a filler. it gave no real details about her exept that she has a new phone, doesn't like 5sos and calls her mum momma bear.