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Gigi Lachowski By Im_Just_That_Awkward Updated Apr 30, 2016

"I never thought she would be a Raspberry lover," He says to himself as he strokes my cheek. 

I then frown, "What do you mean? What's wrong with Raspberries?" I say totally offended. I mean who on Jupiter doesn't like raspberries? 

"Nothing amare," he chuckles causing shivers down my spine. "Now lets get that cow." Then he walks away.

Ivy Jones. Carson Chadwick. Complete opposites.

 Ivy is shy, kind of innocent yet she is a bit sarcastic here and there. She has a weird obsession with Raspberries. Literally she is always eating something that contains Raspberries in it. She isn't a nobody but she does have a bunch of weird - loving friends.

 Carson is a badass and is also the most conceited guy ever when he isn't giving a glare your way. He is hot, sexy, breath taking and has the female poplution going crazy. He hangs with his little gang of troublemakers.

What happens when Ivy crashes into Carson while spilling a Raspberry milkshake on him? What happen's when Ivy and Carson spends more time? 

Cliché as fudgeballs. 
Read and find out:)★

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kittieskisses kittieskisses Jul 08, 2017
Great another short girl, no offense to all the short people ou there but I've only come across short girls on Wattpad.
imnotfat1imfunsized imnotfat1imfunsized Sep 03, 2017
In all the books I read most of the families love each like if my lilttle sister woke me up I would kill her but I wouldn't because she wouldn't even think about going in my room in the first place
My sister is almost 4 years older than me and she doesn't even let me go to the library. She acts more like my mom than my mom does
sk8r_boyz_r_cute sk8r_boyz_r_cute Jul 27, 2017
Okay what's up with like blond family's on Wattpad. Like they are in almost every Wattpad story.
imnotfat1imfunsized imnotfat1imfunsized Sep 03, 2017
She's tall compared to me I'm 6`1.5 but I'm in 8th grade so I think it's normal
sugarplumprincess001 sugarplumprincess001 Apr 18, 2017
I'm scared of ducks, chickens, birds, and anything that walks on 2 legs