Demigods and Wizards (Harry Potter/ Percy Jackson)

Demigods and Wizards (Harry Potter/ Percy Jackson)

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Depends... :) By XTheStorytellerX Updated Feb 21, 2013

Ello' Demigods!

Just... I had to do this :)

Please comment?

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Thomasinia  x

Yay!  Percy's going to Pigfarts!  Or pigs with a skin condition!
I'm terribly sorry, but I absolutely have to put this advertisement out there.
                              Please read Variance [A Percy Jackson/Divergent Crossover Story]. I promise that it won't disappoint you fans out there! I've already, um, maybe killed off Leo...
RenaLow6 RenaLow6 Sep 02
Is every god or people related to god have memory problem at remembering names no offense but sometimes Mr D side shows
I thought Chiron knew that I had been kicked out of like every school in the history of, like, forever.
Are you kidding? I mean. . .you can't be sirius. . .can you?
camv11 camv11 Oct 25
Daughter of Hades so everyone dies in my world and all is black