3 simple rules (lashton boyXboy fanfic)

3 simple rules (lashton boyXboy fanfic)

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The Common Fangirl By oh-my-lashton Completed

During school, I followed three simple rules. 

1) don't draw attention to myself
2) don't talk to anyone
3) stay away from Ashton Irwin at all costs

Now after school, he's my best friend.

~this is a boyxboy story, if you don't like that, just don't read it!~
~Warning!! Self-harm, eating disorder, abuse, and depression~

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*in a very sweet and chipper voice*
                              That sounds like an absolutely horrible idea!
WingedHope WingedHope Mar 19
I may or may not have accidentally said that out loud a few times in my life
hellwiththis11122 hellwiththis11122 Oct 23, 2017
It's absolutely horrible to wear long sleeves when it's hot out, and especially when you have PE
LuvMeSumAussie LuvMeSumAussie Nov 27, 2017
Now kiss him you fool
                              Wong fandom oOpS 
LuvMeSumAussie LuvMeSumAussie Nov 27, 2017
I fookin hate it when ppl do that, like did I fookin ask you to touch me? No. So gtfo. Bc that shiit hurts.
Ashton_TheFarmer Ashton_TheFarmer Apr 22, 2016
I try but people are ass holes and I feel the need to roost them