School Spirit | Muke/Cashton✔

School Spirit | Muke/Cashton✔

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What happens when the principal decides that a loner, crazy artist, cheer captain, and theater geek all need to work together to show more school spirit?


ALSO this was my first fanfic so it's quite bad in my opinion but I'm trying to edit and rewrite it as much as I can to improve it

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5_sec_of_1D 5_sec_of_1D Mar 08
*When Ashton bitches*
                              Fandom: Yay, lmao me laughing
                              *When Payton bitches*
                              What the f do u wanna fight bitch? Huh *shoots*
                              Lmao love me fandom
Lazy_Helen Lazy_Helen Nov 09, 2017
Lmao me @ everyone 
                              Which only make my anxiety disorder worse
kait_d2001 kait_d2001 Dec 30, 2017
The school systems are trying to eliminate bullying bUT THIS HÕE IS BLACKMAILING THHHEEEEMMM
kait_d2001 kait_d2001 Dec 30, 2017
He’s not allowed to do that because the boys have to try out and sign papers