School Spirit | Muke/Cashton✔

School Spirit | Muke/Cashton✔

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What happens when the principal decides that a loner, crazy artist, cheer captain, and theater geek all need to work together to show more school spirit?


ALSO this was my first fanfic so it's quite bad in my opinion but I'm trying to edit and rewrite it as much as I can to improve it

Nah mate my birthday is September so I'll be going into college at the age of 17
I'm going into high school after this summer and I'm 13...October birthday
I imagined Michael to be the loner, Luke theater geek, Calum captain cheerleader, then ash as the artist
I'm quiet in class so this is everyone's reaction when I speak
jessicaisok jessicaisok Jul 16
LET ME TELL YOU, as a cheerleader, not all cheerleaders are bitches. But a lot of them are
My name is Peyton and Ik the one I'm here is not how I spell it bad I feel bad for saying that