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daughteroflight By EvelynnGrace Updated Nov 22

He came in the middle of the night.
He came looking to take what was stolen.
He came in hopes to mend his past.
He came and took what was unintended.

Brenna is a young princess who is used to the royal life. She is forever bending toward her parents' will, and finds herself forced into an arranged marriage. A marriage with the Duke Cray, a lazy boy who cares for no one but himself.

Suddenly, her life is turned upside down when a thief named Elidor breaks into her home and whisks her away from everything familiar to her.

Determined to survive in the cruel world outside of the castle gates, Brenna discovers a friend in Elidor. Perhaps even more than she first realized.

chocho108 chocho108 Aug 15
I think they announced it to the public so that brenna can't say no because it already out to everyone?! Dunno maybe
artjestic- artjestic- Feb 10
BIATCH WHATS WRONG?? You're the problem and at least notify your daughter first b4 announced it to everyone else 😒😓
                              *gets told to ready herself*
                              *let's other people ready her instead*
Roadway Roadway Sep 09
I mean... isn't that normal?  Especially for royalty. Why is she so surprised?
Rida_27 Rida_27 Apr 08
This feels like a story version for the manga princess and the three beasts. The plot is kind of similar.
WHAT'S WRONG?!?! Are you kidding me? 
                              It never ceases to amaze me when parents do things – horrible, stupid, crappy things – and then expect their kid to be happy about it. And then when they aren't, it's a huge shocker!