Beauty of Life

Beauty of Life

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healya By healya Updated Oct 14

"aurat ki to jaga kitchen mei hi hai bachay paida karna aur rotti pakana ye job wagaira inse nahi ho paye ga"
(the only place where women are meant to be is the kitchen, their only duty is to borne children and cook food.. They aren't suppose to work outside! )

In a male dominant society where women are facing society's pressure of being a "burden". Three strong determined women make their minds to break the stereotypes and fight the norms of society!
The hardships ignite the fire within them to touch new heights and be no less than anyone!

A bunch of friends coming from  completely different backgrounds unwavered by societies accusations.
"inse ghar basane ki umeed nahi rakhi ja sakti kon biyaega inhein"
(These women aren't worthy of marriage they wouldn't be able to succeed their marriage life, who will marry them?)

Will these women be able to break the norms of society?
Find out what destiny holds for them!!