The Alpha King

The Alpha King

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YourTypicalBrunette By YourTypicalBrunette Updated Nov 23, 2016

My life was as normal as it could get. I had an amazing brother, a great home, friends. And ambition. And if I'm being fairly honest, it was how I've always wanted it to be. But the truth cannot be hidden over the fact that I was a werewolf, and the daughter of a deceased beta. And...also, that I've found my mate. The absolute ruler of the werewolf kingdom. 

 Oh, and not to mention the apparent accusation of the whole 'witch' shenanigans.   

You're probably thinking: 'oh wow!' And trust me, I know. At only Seventeen, you'd expect my priority of worries is making it through senior year. 
I wish I could tell you that I won't make mistakes. But I know I will. I'm not some courageous heroin that's amazingly gorgeous, with a perfect mindset, and can sword-fight, or do karate of some sort. 

Heck, I can't even doge a volleyball! What more an actual knife? 

But of there's one thing i can tell you, is that I was scared. Scared of failing, Scared of letting down everyone I know and love, and scared of thinking I can change him. 

I was scared of letting my heart fall into the wrong hands.

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YoSmurfQueen YoSmurfQueen May 01, 2017
I have a dimple on my right cheek!!Sorry just gotta say it X)
Unicornswearslippers Unicornswearslippers Dec 06, 2017
My first and middle name are Madison Marie. U been stalking me? Jk love the book so far
SmileTiliCry SmileTiliCry Apr 07, 2016
But-but if you're pregnant than you can't have your period. Dayum, you must be pissed
Angelcake_xox Angelcake_xox Apr 03, 2016
Wait is it only me that noticed she said preggo women on her period isn't that impossible unless u have lost the baby😂Ik IT was a joke tho so I'm cool just thought I'd point it out😂😂