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Aysia By inhellation Completed

"Are you willing to risk everything?" He asked, leaning his face in closer until our foreheads touched and our lips were barely an inch apart. His blue eyes were so deep and dark today, but not in the menacing way, more so in a lustful longing. My heart was speeding so erratically in my chest that I was afraid that it might just pop right out. 

Say yes! My wolf cheered. She was waiting for this ever since we first found his smell. That alluring smell of security.  Well my thoughts were really getting muddled.  

"I have nothing to lose," I stated bluntly while trying to distract my heart.  And then abruptly he backed away, taking my breath away with him. I wasn't sure what to make of the situation. We both stood there standing speechless for a moment. I couldn't help but to feel a disgusted that he would act like he wanted me and then pull away so harshly.    

"You selfish son of a cunt,"   

In her run for freedom and to find out who she is, Cora ends up entangled in the arms of Raphael, the relentless beast. Heir to the Black Blood throne, he has no intentions of letting Cora slip through the cracks so soon especially since she's a puzzle to crack. Bit by bit, Cora's identity comes together to form a scary truth; she's just another pawn in the ultimate game of Fate.   What would you do if your entire life was a lie? Would you run from it or venture towards the truth?

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Lunar_Frost_Kitten Lunar_Frost_Kitten Nov 17, 2017
Bītch she didn’t ask for your permission did she and your an asś to her so
Bloody-Rabbit Bloody-Rabbit Jun 13, 2016
Woah petty? You need to calm down Mr. Alpha and change your slang of words. No 'petty' wolf would listen to you with such foul language 😤😤😤
LironyQuill LironyQuill Oct 10, 2015
I love the way you describe things. It's very light and elegant - yes, I know I said that already - and I could simply sink in your words an let myself be carried into your worlds.
StellaShimmers StellaShimmers May 31, 2014
I love werewolves. Your description and prologue are catchy. I like the way you describe it.
mareecrofts mareecrofts Oct 29, 2013
I find that I am loving this story just the way it is other than a few grimmer errors I think it's fantastic. Keep up the good work. Thank you so much for writing this story.