Happy April Fools? A KOTLC fanfic

Happy April Fools? A KOTLC fanfic

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The gang had gathered in Everglen for a sleepover when Sophie shared one human tradition. 

April Fools.

Ever since she was a Level 4, they always created top notch pranks against each other. Keefe is the best among them and Linh is on the last, but not that far from Fitz. 

For the past 2 years, she's kept her place just next to Keefe which probably makes them tied for 1st place. Well, her pride as a former human who enjoyed this tradition won't just let her lose to some elves who's new to it. 

Now that she's a level 6, she thought of bringing up her A game, especially since it's Keefe and Fitz's last year in Foxfire. 

Yet, no one expected her prank, even herself.

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