Adopted by Zoella

Adopted by Zoella

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Ruby By rubymockingjay Completed

'Darkness. Darkness overcomes me. I lay in a heap, my seatbelt digging into my raw flesh. Eyes closed. Heart racing. What has happened. Just moments ago we were cruising down the highway, wind in our hair, voices loud; mimicking the squeaky tones of some 70s one hit wonder. Then... the collision. I black out....'

Lucy never thought it would happen to her. Car crashes are the kinda thing you see only in movies and on television screens. Until her family's car crashes on the motorway- leaving her parentless- completely alone in the world and dangerously injured. She doesn't believe she will ever be happy again. Until her situation shoves her headfirst in front of one of her greatest idols. Everything will change...

'This book is absolutely brilliant! I loved it!!'

'This was the best story ever! Ilysm!'

'Loved this so much'

Well written (aside from the survivers (its survivors) part)
Would anyone mind checking my story out please xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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I only read one page then loved it! No mistakes in spellings  fantastic book! So good so far
Why does every one use Sabrina Carpenter as the one Zoë Adopts lol
αll í hαd tσ dσ wαѕ rєαd thє dєѕcríptíσn. #writinggoals